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The Therapy

Why does RTT work?

Rapid Transformational Therapy, RTT, treats the root cause of your issues, not just the symptoms. RTT works on freeing you from the feeling & belief that created that issue from the beginning, and with the help of hypnotherapy we go back to events and scenes and change their meaning, leaving you feeling empowered and uplifted at the end of the process.

Hypnosis is a type of focused concentration while someone is relaxed. For example, when you’re so absorbed in a book or movie that you don’t get distracted by the everyday noises around you—be it traffic or people talking or coughing—you’re in a light hypnotic trance.

During an RTT session the person is always aware of their thoughts and their subconscious mind remains active and alert. The RTT therapist is merely a facilitator who helps you reach a level of moderate to deep relaxation. RTT treats the root cause of your issues, not just the symptoms.

It’s very important to keep the following things in mind: (1) You can never get “stuck”, because it’s only a form of focused concentration—you can open your eyes and end the process at any time; (2) you are always in control; (3) you can never do anything against your will or values; (4) you won’t do or say something in an unaware state, for hypnosis isn’t sleep—; and (5) the process is like a daydream—not anesthesia. Just try to keep an open mind.


Who is it for?

RTT can unlock the power of your mind as it syncs it with your heart, so you can heal your body, reduce stress, prevent disease and achieve great health and abundance?

Every system in your body from the nervous system to the skin and digestion is negatively affected when your heart is not in sync with your mind, so it starts acting from limiting beliefs that you accepted as normal behaviour.

I like the sound of this – what do I do?

Let me be the first to congratulate you on your amazing decision and well done for investing in yourself! You are worth it. You can now contact me for a no cost to you 15 minute discovery call, where you will be able to tell me about yourself and what you’d like to work on. This can be done over WhatsApp or Zoom.

After the discovery call we set up a time for your session, which in most cases takes about 90 min. After the session I will give you a personal recording that you need to listen to for at least 30 days. This part is just as crucial as the session itself. In the session we identify the feeling, change the habits and fix the issue, and the recording talks to the mind by using Neuroplasticity to imbed the changes.

Sessions are done online where you can be in the comfort of your own home, wherever you might be the world. Also in person if you are local.

Our brilliant mind is always trying to protect us and keep us from hurt and pain. We once took on feelings that formed beliefs and sabotaged our life, so we have the power to understand those feelings, reprogram our mind and change those beliefs.

The real question is – Are you ready to change?

Lets do it – Book a no cost to you discovery call now

YOU are worth it
YOU can have it all!
YOU just need to learn and believe 

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