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Welcome to my website, my name is Hayet

Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

I have learned many great lessons in life and what make me a better person, both today, and in the future, is my discovery to Marisa’s RTT method. It changed my path in life, and I am now achieving extra ordinary results helping myself as well as other people to design and live an amazing life, by empowering them to develop their self-esteem, grow their confidence, embody their greatness, fulfill their potential, and manifest more of what they need, such as money and abundance in their life.

I trained with Marisa Peer in London


After becoming a Certified Rapid Transformational Therapist, 

I began working with clients immediately.

Located in Guildford, Surrey, and I treat a wide range of issues.


Today, as a full-time Advanced RTT Therapist, I help people make long-term sustainable changes, both personally and professionally.

Hayet Shahrezaey
Professional Memberships:

- General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR), (GQHP)

- National Hypnotherapy Society (NS)

- The Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) 

- British Alliance of Healing Association (BAHA)

Additional Qualifications:

My practice is guided by strict ethical guidelines set out by the GHR and NS.

I receive Continuing Professional Development through Marisa Peer School 

and pursue for-credit continuing education coursework through NS and the RSM.

I maintain professional liability insurance.

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