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Hayet Shahrezaey

Therapist in your pocket

You can have me by your side helping you achieve every major milestone you set for yourself. As well as when you are in need of  pick me up.  

Learn targeted techniques to:

  • Breakthrough obstacles.

  • Shift your mindset.

  • Envision what you want and make it happen.

  • Create a personalized practice that you love.

  • Achieve the goals that you truly desire.

  • Rewire your brain for high-level thinking and creativity.

  • Accelerate the many proven benefits of feeling loveable, worthy and enough.

Here is what my clients are saying

about their transformation 

  • It's time to Be You!

  •  You can put a stop to others’ restrictions to hold you back, when deep down you know that everything you want is in the centre of your being?

  • Take action now so you can Be Free

  • I would love to help you so you can have a more fulfilling life

Thank you!
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