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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Are you finding it hard to move forward in your life?

It's sometimes hard to recognize the limiting beliefs that would be sabotaging you.

I was contacted by a potential client yesterday, she worked two very demanding jobs and had sever anxiety, and because she was burning the candle from both ends and because she was not taking any time out for herself, she fainted at work.

When we started chatting and I asked her about her situation and why she needed to work so hard. She replied because I must send money back home to my mum who never worked a day in her life, my dad who developed a bad knee and I also have two younger teenage sisters that I need to support.

Okay I am a great believer in helping siblings and family, for the last 25 years and still to this day one of my siblings is still leashing of me. However, I recognized the pattern and decided to break free which I am doing systematically.

Going back to self-sabotage Marisa Peer explains that we all need to belong, and we need to fit in. To do that we need to become; 1) a career, 2) be sick, 3) excel at something, 4) become disruptive.

Guess what with the help of RTT you don't have to do that anymore.

All you need is to uncover the root cause of why you don't feel that you are Loveable, Worthy and Enough for who you truly are without sacrificing your happiness and giving your power to others.

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