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Long Term Happiness

Your mind has only your best interests at heart and it takes its job of making sense of everything serious. It’s working non stop behind the scenes, always trying to make sense of, as well as attach, meanings to what ever happens. Keeping you safe and on track of what it thinks you need to be happy and have a fulfilling life is your mind's full time role. Your mind is constantly comparing and judging what has happened in the past, what’s happening now or what might happen in the future. Always with the intent of regulating whether it is good or bad, positive or negative, right or wrong, better or worse. Then, if it thinks something is bad, negative, wrong or worse, you end up with what is usually called a ‘problem’.

I personally used to think happiness was when I was feeling positive and I would be looking for those pleasurable feelings only, so I could be in that state all the time. That’s because of what I learned from my up bringing, everyone around and society as a whole, which was to be happy you need to feel good all the time. Then I discovered that happiness is nothing like that, but it's about getting my needs met, it’s about me finding something that means a lot to me and that can give me a sense of fulfillment. To find that space where you build and live a happy life, there must be a balance between your conscious and subconscious mind, they need to be in harmony.

Because we are all unique and individual, your needs are very different from mine or any one else's.

Most limitations, habits, fears, beliefs and perceptions are so deeply rooted that you accept them as normal. They become your comfort zone and end up clogging your brain's true power and stopping it from finding true happiness.

Life happens to us all. People lose their jobs, they get stuck in traffic, and even spill coffee or wine on their best shirt. The key is to catch yourself as soon as you recognize you’re thinking a negative thought and switch it to something you can appreciate instead. For example, be grateful for the things that you already have, like your children, your parents, your health etc.

When it comes to convincing your mind, emotions always win over logic.

To upgrade the way you think you will need to always reaffirm, reinforce and rehearse empowering beliefs and patterns and regularly close your eyes and picture and visualize all the outcomes as positive, and with emotions. Research has found that habits, behaviors, beliefs, and thoughts are not hard wired and the brain will always keep changing through learning.

When I discovered RTT, and after I finished the live course taught by Marisa Peer in London, I suddenly found my passion and purpose, which is to help people build their confidence, develop their self-esteem and learn how to attract more abundance in their life.

RTT uses Neuroplasticity to embed the changes made during a 90 minutes session, and can help you find long term happiness.

Your mind will always keep you in your comfort zone, but your happiness and desires are found outside of it.

Book your free discovery call to find out more.

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