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How to love yourself

Updated: May 6, 2019

It is absolutely possible to step into your amazing power. I know because I have had enormous success in helping many people have a rapid empowerment experience and find that inner happiness after hitting rock bottom.

In just one RTT session they were able to feel comfortable in their own skin, and feel confident in their abilities once again.

To start you need to trust yourself and who you are, then you cant start to trust the world around you.

Care more for yourself and give your body the love it deserve, because when we love ourselves we can love others around us.

Find the time for yourself to just be, take few deep breaths, each time breath in hold it a little then breath out very gently, this will help energize your body with life force. It is very vital to re-charge your energy constantly, you get to function from state of awareness.

Invest in a citrine crystal, you are worth it. You can get a small tumbled stone to carry around with you, or a piece of jewelry that would touch your skin.

Citrine crystal stimulates your mental power so you can focus. It vibrates and attract happiness, joy, and positivity in life. I love my citrine crystal.

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