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An intimate program for women who are ready to step into their light, who are seeking to live in a space where infinite possibility, self-worth and total empowerment is a norm.

YES! that's me.....

Infinite Possibilities

Do you have a burning desire to embrace the life you truly desire, yet you’re haunted with the many shadows that you’re still having to face daily, like shame, guilt, fear or even blame?


This can hold you and those who surround you hostage, or you may even unconsciously play the part of the victim — through your thoughts and act upon these through the choices you make.


Are you ready for a HUGE SHIFT?

stressed woman

I only work with those who truly want to see a massive shift in their life on all levels, if you are one of them sign up for this amazing 6-week program, where I will take you on a self-discovery journey. You will get to identify the root cause of all the useless beliefs that are holding back from showing up in the world every day feeling full of zest, joy and open to receive all the gifts that the universal wants to offer you.


“I approached Hayet so she could help me with my confidence because I know it was holding me back on life and making me feel low at times……. Now I feel more equipped to deal with anything that comes my way at work, in professional relationships and family relationships. I feel stronger and this is only the beginning.”


Hayet Shahrezaey

“I came to see Hayet because my business wasn't developing as I wanted it too. Our session was quite revealing……… I now have a distinct perspective on value, which will move my business (and my life) forward. I definitely recommend Hayet to anyone who feels stuck in some aspect of life and wants to move on.”

This program provides you with targeted techniques to:

* Breakthrough obstacles.

* Shift your mindset.

* Envision what you want and make it happen.

*Create a personalized practice that you love.

* Achieve the goals that you truly desire.

* Rewire your brain for high-level thinking and creativity.

* Accelerate the many proven benefits of feeling loveable,

    worthy and enough.

So, if you’re thinking you want to reduce anxiety, work on bringing something special into your life, and create the life that you are born to love –– I would love to work alongside you on your journey to achieving your desired goals. I invite you to sign up now and take advantage of the extra bonuses.

Is your biggest block keeping you

from living your calling?

Woman gaining  power during sunset

Let me help you re-build your confidence, so you can start to believe as well as make good things happen for you, without fear of failure, and with the belief and full certainty that you are good enough.


It’s time to realign your mind & energy blueprint to create unlimited possibilities!

You see we are now living in the age of Aquarius which we entered at the end of 2020, and it’s said to last around 2,160 years. So, in this new era of human consciousness there is no room for the old paradigms, they are crumbling down.

Being replaced with  ==

  • New ways of working.

  • New ways of thinking.

  • New way of connecting and belonging.

We are witnessing how women more than ever before are breaking new ground. It’s time to LIBERATE yourself from the old chains of your limiting beliefs that have bound you into self-imposed slavery.


In this program you will align with new empowering beliefs about money, love, health.


The question was never if you are enough, because you always have been enough.




So, why wait, the wait is over in this program you will dive deep into cellular recalibration to expand your capacity to receive unlimited abundance. See your desires fulfilled in this lifetime.

Will blow away all the unwanted limiting beliefs within your mind and your abundance levels will rocket sky high!


We take you through an intimate journey of self-discovery to align, flow and grow.


It’s time to take control and free yourself from those stories of struggle and lack of self-worth.


It’s time to start manifesting your life from pure desire, bliss and awakened expansion.


In the last few years, we’ve experienced and seen a lot of uncertainty, in these tumultuous times you need to, and you can, give yourself clarity and certainty.


Maybe you are surrounding yourself with people who do not value you or they diminish your feeling of self-worth, in this program I can help you find the root of the cause in the present day where you are frequently doing self-sabotaging behaviour that is not intentional?

Two woman chatting

In this program you'll be going deep into theta and manifesting up a storm with the help of your subconscious mind that only knows “Now”.

“Hayet made me feel so relaxed and comfortable, she has a wonderful calming way about her, and I felt so safe in her presence. She guided me through the therapy to address the root problems and patiently persisted to clear these blocks. “

Let me remind you, once you learn how to move beyond the habits that have created your current life, you step into your power and get to design the future you want.

This can be to find and feel a greater peace, manifest abundance, improve your health—you are totally in control and can do whatever you desire.


So, click here now because it all starts with  TAKING THE FIRST STEP.


What to expect in these five weeks:


--Week one: What causes you to feel suppressed.

--Week two: Why do you need daily rituals and gratitude. What does it do for you

--Week three: Energy and How to raise your vibration to a high level

--Week four: Looping thought. Asking the right questions. Understanding your values

--Week five: A deep dive group RTT session




  • Bonus 1

Create Boundaries and Take Back Control – special meditation and recording to create your boundaries so you can manage life situations.


  • Bonus 2

Cosmic Manifesting – eBook + tailor made Astrological sign meditation to help you manifest from a higher vibration.



About Me

I trained with Marisa Peer in London

As CL.HYP Advanced RTT Therapist, my mission is to help free my clients from unhelpful and limiting beliefs, so they can grow their confidence, self-esteem and achieve more of what they want in their personal and professional life.


Discovering Rapid Transformational Therapy method, helped me unlock my own potential, tap into my hidden reservoir of positive energy. also taught me the art of self-love, healing, and the power of positive affirmation. Today I use these lessons to empower my clients to achieve extra ordinary results design a fulfilled life, by guiding them to develop their self-esteem, grow their confidence and manifest more money and abundance in their life.


As an accredited Medical Intuitive & Certified RTT Clinical HypnoTherapist I have helped clients worldwide to heal from health issues, get the promotion they deserve, find love, and much more. Let me help you so you can live the life you desire..

Woman at the beach



"I suffered with debilitating migraines and I had my session with Hayet today and wow! Wow! Wow!! It was a truly amazing experience..... Hayet is so talented and a dream to work with. You can tell-she loves helping people and loves what she does." -_- Carol _-_


More confidence and self-esteem.


“I have always suffered with a self-esteem issue for as long as I can remember. I approached Hayet so she could help me with my confidence. It was an interesting experience and it released the reason why I felt negatively about myself. The only way to become more confident was to release what was holding me back!" --- Maria, London ---


Discover their potential


"Since I started thinking about myself, I had recognizing a sentiment of not feeling good enough for anything. I honestly did not feel worthy of having a good job, a satisfactory love relationship, even having I can see myself getting better in my job, really been able to have and hold a wonderful love relationship and having a happy family ...... With a loving and intuitive way, Hayet helped me to see life with color and joy." ___Elisangela Brazil___


Fulfill their potential


“Our session was quite revealing, and I loved the fact that her approach gave me the opportunity to find out the reason behind my issue. I have since invested in a marketing coach, which I'd always thought was a waste of money. I now have a different perspective on value, which will move my business (and my life) forward. I definitely recommend Hayet to anyone who feels stuck in some aspect of life and wants to move on. Thank you so much, Hayet." -_- Sole, Surrey _-_


Manifest abundance


“I saw Hayet for an issue I had with attracting and manifesting abundance and the fact that I always felt I had to struggle and justify anything good happening for me. I loved her ease and ability to understand where I was coming from. Her experience of different cultural sensitivities gave her an advantage...... I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a therapist who can understand the mystical as well as the practical side of an issue." __ Nesrren UK ___


Achieve their goals and desires


"Hayet was keeping a safe space for me to explore the root of my blocks......after the session I felt lighter, much more clear and propelled into what life might hold. Hayet is truly in her element when running these sessions, I was very impressed by her confidence, knowledge and caring attitude throughout my interaction with her."


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