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Power of the mind

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

I had a job offer that pays 75K, that’s what one of my client told me after two days of listening to her transformational recording that I tailor made for her after her 90 minutes Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT session.

I am now able to identify quickly when I’m about to go into a self pity mode, pull myself out and look at the bigger picture in a matter of seconds, that’s what another client told me during her weekly support call.

Our mind is amazing and we have all the answers within, we just need learn how to stop that critical voice, that keeps tell us we are not good enough, or we are not worthy.

Just by finding out the root cause and the belief that was blocking their advancement and change the understanding around it, they are now able to continue to move forward and step into their power.

The rules of the mind are; its number one job is to keep you alive on the planet.

The mind does want it thinks you want it to.

It drives you towards what it is familiar and way from what is unfamiliar.

The mind can not hold conflicting beliefs, so if you want money but think, it’s not available to you or you are not worth it, because when you were little your parents could not afford to getting the things you wanted. This will create a conflict between your mind and your vibration. If you keep pleasing people and find yourself in a hamster wheel not finding a way out, yourself-esteem and confidence will be affected.

So by telling your mind clearly what it is you want it to do for you, it will do it for you.

That’s the power of RTT, it can talk directly to the subconscious mind and free you from all limiting beliefs.

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